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Celebrating the Passover

April 2009

During Holy Week, before we broke up for our Easter holidays, Year 5 studied the Jewish feast of the Passover.

The class read stories from Exodus in the Old Testament to learn about how God helped Moses to return the slaves from Egypt back to their promised land. The children learnt the significance of the Seder plate and how each component of the meal signified a part of that journey to freedom.

Our Headteacher, Mr Ward, started our Passover service with a prayer and then each pupil shared a Seder plate.


It took a while to prepare over 30 Seder plates but the children were very patient.



Each Seder plate contained unleavened bread, roast chicken, egg, horseraddish, lettuce, celery and charoset (a mixture of nuts with apple).


As the children ate their Passover meal, they discussed the stories they had read from the Bible and the meanings behind each part of the meal.

Mrs Lavery, our teaching assistant, enjoyed acting as waitress for the service.