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20th June





LO: Understand that people have roles and responsibilities in the parish community.

Talk  about the word community, define the meaning using the dictionary to support.

Explore different types of community to which you belong (e.g. family, school, city etc.) 

What makes each of these a community? 

What roles and responsibilities do people take on in these communities? What would happen if they didn’t fulfil their roles and responsibilities? 

What could we do to be better members of our school/class community?

Introduce the term parish – special community of God’s family.


Discuss and record the special roles and responsibilities of different people in the parish e.g. priest, reader, altar server, musician etc.


Where does our parish community gather together?

Introduce the idea of the wider Church as a community of people and not just a building. 


LO To know that the Church is a special place where God’s family gather together to pray.  Understand some reasons why we need special places like church to pray.

Why do you think the church is an important building in the parish? Brainstorm some of the things that happen in the church building.

What symbols might you find in a church? Why do you think they are there?

Why do you think the symbols are important? 

Activity: Draw and label the church, symbols of prayer and write about why we need a church building.


What would it be like if our Church community didn’t have a church building?



LO: Create patterns using natural materials (e.g. pebbles, sticks, shells, leaves and petals).

Create beachcomber art using shells, pebbles and driftwood to create amazing patterns and forms in sand trays and on different surfaces. Arrange items in artistic ways, experimenting with shape, pattern and line. Take photographs of the finished artworks from above. Alternatively, create beautiful sand art using coloured sands and interesting bottles and jars. Create layers of different colours and use cocktail sticks to add feathering between layers.