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week: 04/05/20


This is a great task for getting your child motivated to write. It's a common issue that some children will find it very hard to want to sit and to write. Often children will rather build, paint or create something than form words and practice their writing. I use tasks like these in the classroom to mask what the lesson is really about and give the children the motivation to write for themselves. 


So before there is any mention of writing have a go at building a trap with your child to catch something in the house. This could be a sneaky monster, a crazy alien or even an invisible unicorn! Let you child’s imagination run wild. Get them to think about what they want the trap to be made out of, what’s going to be in it and why. Don't forget to constantly question your child throughout the process, asking them why they are doing certain things and how they are going to accomplish their goal. This helps them to really think through what they are doing and helps them to think critically as well as promote speech. 


Once you have built your trap and set it, have your child either write what they have done and what their trap is made from. Or they could write what they think will happen when the trap is set off. 



In between writing sentences it is important to revisit correctly writing simple words. This can give you and your child the time to really focus on blending and making sure they can hear the correct sounds. Below is a video which talks more about blending and how the children are expected to use it to both spell and read. Following that have a go and seeing if your child can write some of these words. Feel free to do as many as you can! 

RWI Pure Sounds

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Follow the link below to see todays lesson which focuses on Goldilocks and the three bears.