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LO: To write an explanation using sounds that I know to spell words.


Read the text: Tessy Bear gets ready for bed.


After reading the text, refer to the 'Innovate Challenge Booklet' in the topic work section and complete the activities.


For our Literacy lesson this week we will focus on Activity 4 in the booklet.  Ask children to explain why some animals are awake at night and use the important word because e.g. Some animals are awake at night because...   when talking about reasons.


Let children have a go at the writing the end of the sentence.  More confident writers could write more than one reason that animals are awake at night.


Some ideas why animals are awake at night may be:

they like to look for food at night.

they are scared during the day when it is busy.

they like to play (younger animals) when humans are not about.

it is safer for them to move around.

they eat other animals that are awake at night.