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Easter holiday homework

As you are aware, on Thursday 1st April, we are officially converting to a Catholic MAC, named ‘Our Lady and All Saints’ It is the celebration of 13 Catholic Schools across Solihull, Warwickshire and Birmingham joining together.
1. Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School, 

2. Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School 

3. Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic Primary School 

4. Our Lady's Catholic Primary School 

5. St Andrew's Catholic Primary School 

6. St Anne's Catholic Primary School 

7. St Augustine's Catholic Primary School 

8. St Edward's Catholic Primary School 

9. St George & St Teresa Catholic Primary School 

10. St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School 

11. St Peter's School 

12. St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School 

13. St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School 

Why is the MAC named Our Lady and All Saints? The name was chosen because it represents all schools. All schools are either named after a saint or have a link with Our Lady.
To celebrate this historical moment, over the Easter holidays we would like you to create a piece of artwork inspired by the MAC name and logo design, celebrating Our Lady’s joining together, but still recognising the individuality of our school, and the positive attributes that it will bring to the MAC.  


We recognise that across school, we have fabulous artists, that have unique and individual creative flares! We are confident that you will represent our new adventure moving to a MAC in original and artistic ways. 


This project is running across all of the MAC schools, with all children joining together to create their own piece of artwork. There will then be several of the entries that will then be chosen to be displayed in the main office for the MAC leaders.   


To help you, here are some ideas that you may wish to consider: 

A canvas painting
A poster of information (about Our Lady and other Saints that inspire you)
Sponge Art (or other art utensils)
Collage Design (tissue paper, pasta art, colourful cutting of paper)
Paper Mache  

Stain Glass effect
Recyclable materials 

Please bring your completed project into school on Tuesday 20th April so we can celebrate with other children.  

We look forward to seeing your creation.