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Today's lesson requires children to compare capacities - which jug holds more/less/most/least? There is also a question where children have to use < > or = symbols to compare capacities. We have done this previously together in school and the children were great at it! Just remember the crocodile eats the bigger number. 

We are on Week 2 - Lesson 1 - Coparing Capacities - follow the link below to watch the video.


Today's lesson is all about counting in 10s. When completing the activity below, please encourage your child to count in 10s - 10, 20, 30... There is a video link below for them to join in counting in 10s.

We are on Week 2 - Lesson 2 - Counting in tens.


The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by tens from zero to one hundred with an adventurous dog and an adventurous song! The Counting by Tens song teaches skip counting by 10


Today's lesson is all about equal groups. It is very important that the children understand that equal

groups mean that each group has the exact same amount in. Try to find equal groups of objects around the house. E.g. Can you make 3 equal groups of 3 spoons? Can you make 5 equal groups of 2 socks?

We are on Week 2: Lesson 3 - Making Equal Groups




Today's lesson continues with the theme of equal groups. Children will be grouping objects and then working out the total. Again, making this as practical as possible will support children's understanding.

We are on Week 2: Lesson 3 - Adding Equal Groups



Today's lesson is about making arrays (this is the first step towards understanding multiplication). Make sure you watch the video to support understanding of rows and columns in arrays.

We are on Week 2: Lesson 5 - Making Arrays