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14th February





LO: To know some of the actions that take place at a celebration of marriage.

Have you been to a wedding? If not speak to someone in you family who has. 

Then answer these questions.

What does it mean to make a promise?

What are some of the promises you have made?

What has made them difficult or easy to keep?

Read the marriage vows that the bride and groom make.  

What do you think the vows mean? 

Marriage vows




Topic Lesson

LO: To develop ideas from a variety of starting points including the natural world or man-made objects.


Look in detail at the food landscapes created by artist Carl Warner and describe the way he uses different food types, including fresh fruit, vegetables and meat.

Choose one picture and write a list of ingredients in that landscape.

Create your own food landscape by cutting out images of food items or by using photos of your own food.  You might even use some real food - like pasta or cereal to help. 


Carl Warner's Foodscapes: A Lesson on Playing w/your Food