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LO: to know the story of Pentecost

Discuss with your child any times when they have felt frightened or worried. Why? Explain that this was what happened to Jesus’ friends when he went away.  Introduce the story of Pentecost by thinking about the disciples locked in the upper room sad and afraid because Jesus had died. Explain to the children that we are preparing for Pentecost – a time when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. 


Watch and talk about the story of Pentecost.  Cut out the sequencing cards and sequence the story.



Topic 1

LO: Share stories and talk about significant people who lived in the past.

Explain to the children that many people have explored the world throughout history, and as they explored they took artists and scientists to document the plants and animals they found. Share the Charles Darwin picture cards with information about his life and work.


Go for a walk in the local area or park and make observational drawings of plants and animals/insects that you see.

Topic 2

LO: that places can have different climates, weather, food, religions, culture, wildlife, transport and amenities

Look at the Savannah picture cards. Talk about the images and describe the plants and animals. Use a computer or tablet to visit the Save our savannahs! webpage from National Geographic Kids. Go on a virtual expedition to see some savannah wildlife in its natural habitat. Compare the savannah with their local environment. Write down the similarities and differences between our local environment and the savannah.