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This week is our poetry week in Year 4. Please follow along the lessons below to create your own poem!

Lesson 1: Generate vocabulary for your poem - remember to keep your notes for the rest of the week!

Lesson 2: Use your new words in some sentences

Lesson 3: Using your notes from Monday's lesson, add some more vocabulary that you will use when you write your poem

Lesson 4: Use your vocabulary from both this lesson and Tuesday's lesson to describe a time when you have been your happiest. 

Lesson 5: Write your poem!


We are starting our new topic of sound this term.



LO: Explore different styles of writing in the OT. Understand the significance of the birth of Moses.


- Psalm: 18 (17) V1-4

– Prayer: 1 Samuel 2:1-10

– Story: Jonah

– Proverb: Proverbs 3: 5-6

– Prophecy: Isaiah 11: 1-5


Look at these 5 different styles of writing from the bible. Which do you like the best? What message is conveyed in the text you have chosen? What style of writing would you use to convey an important message about God? Why?




What were the difficult circumstances surrounding his birth? Why do you think Moses was saved? What was happening to the people of Israel at the time? Why?


Task: You are an Israelite living in Egypt at this time. Write an account of your life under the Pharaoh. This can be in a diary format.


Our topic this term is - 1066 The Battle of Hastings


Research the Battle of Hastings. What happened? Who was involved?


Task: Write a recount of the day from the perspective of a surviving solider. Create a timeline of the history.