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13th September








    LO:  To explore key messages of the prophets




  Research meaning of the word prophet (dictionary).

  Recall names of any OT prophets children know or have remembered from lesson 1.

  Look up following prophets

- Joel 2: 12-17

- Amos 2: 6

- Hosea 14: 2-3

- Hosea 14: 5-8


 What do these prophets have to say? What is their message?


  If you had to choose one moral message to teach people and record what would it be? Discuss.



Use search engines to source images of art from any of the modern art genres.

-  Realism (1850–1880), Impressionism (1867–1886), Art Nouveau (1890–1910), Fauvism (1900–1907), Expressionism (1905–1925), Cubism (1908–1914) and Surrealism (1920–1940). Pop Art


Set up a digital portfolio and download images, saving them for reference. Choose and print some favourite images.