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28th February






LO: To know that Lent is a period of 40 days when Christians prepare to celebrate Easter.

Think about what you can do to prepare during the season of Lent. Could you prayer more? Give something up? Maybe you would like to do something for charity? Record what you plan to do to prepare by writing a Lenten Promise - I promise to...


During Lent we often think about the times when we might have needed forgiveness or to say sorry. 

Create a mind map of times when you have needed forgiveness, start with the word forgiveness and add your ideas. 


LO: To understand that the parable of the Lost Sheep teaches us about God forgiving his people.


Rewrite the parable of the Lost Sheep as if you were the shepherd in the story, think about how the shepherd would feel about what happened.

What is the message Jesus is teaching us in this parable?

Parable of the Lost Sheep



Follow the instructions to make an enormous bowl of messy jelly!

Remember to wash your hands before you start!

Use a range of different-coloured jelly cubes and measure carefully to make the jelly. 

Cut, tear and mix the jelly cubes, take care when you add the hot water - ask a grown up to do it.

Look carefully at the changes that occur as the jelly dissolves and sets, and look at what happens when different colours are mixed.  Record what you see in pictures.


Test for taste and invite others to enjoy a bowl of rainbow jelly.  Can you taste the different flavours?

Please share your pictures with me, I want to see how your messy jelly turns out!