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week: 20.04.20





As an extra challenge instead of clicking on the right answer, have your child write the number. You could also cover the answers so your child has to think more for themself. 


Choose one of the challneges for today. Feel free to do more than one!



Todays lesson wil be focused on capacity. All you need is to find two empty containers (empty shampoo bottles etc) to fill up with bubbly water. Say that you are going to be making potions, have a think about what you want your potion to be together and then instruct your child to fill their container either full, half full, nearly full and nearly empty so that they can help in making the potion. You can get lots of mathematical language into this activity such as half way, in the middle etc. You can even add some food colouring if you have it to the water to add to the magical effect. 


Time to revisit our numbers from 1-20. Have a look at the missing number line below and help your child to fill in the numbers. Don't worry if they can't form some of the numbers, show them an example and have them copy it so they know for next time. If your child can't think of some of the missing numbers see if you can help out with some clues! Once you have done this maybe you could play a number hunt with the numbers your child struggled to recall and identify!