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Watch Aesop’s fable 'The Lion and the Mouse' with your child. After watching, ask them to consider how the characters helped each other and to think of words that describe the two characters. Encourage your child to make faces or poses to show the different emotions and ways of behaving that the animals displayed throughout the story

Identify feelings using the feelings PPT.

Show children images of emergency services Powerpoint. Talk to the children about the people who work in the emergency services and their roles in the community. Think about the following questions:

Do you recognise any of these people who help us?

Have you ever been to a hospital?

Who helps us in a hospital?

What do the police do to help us?

What jobs do you think firefighters do?

How do doctors and nurses help us?

Do you know anyone who works for the emergency services?



On the activity sheet look at the different people in our community that help us – doctors, nurses, fire service, police. Model using our sounds to write their roles in words beneath each picture. – focus on initial sounds.


NB:Children may write nurse as 'ns' when focussing on sounds they know and hear when they say it.