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We are preparing for our performance of the Christmas Story. Share the Christmas story with your child and ask questions such as:


  • Have you ever been somewhere and found that there was no room?
  • What would it have been like for Joseph and Mary?
  • Do you think they might have been afraid? Why?
  • Imagine that they had been around at the time of the first Christmas. Would they have liked to be on the hillside with the shepherds or at the stable?
  • What would you have thought and said when you got to Bethlehem and saw the baby Jesus? Help the children to describe the scene in the stable.
  • Would it be easy to be a shepherd? What would the shepherds have thought when they saw the angels in the field?


Use the sequencing pictures to order the story and think the questions above.  Have a go at writing key words for each picture.

Topic 1


This week we are busy rehearsing for our Christmas Performance which will take place on the 6th and 7th of December.  Join in by listening to and singing along with our songs!

Topic 2

Look at the Kings and queens picture cards. Ask the question 'How do we know that these people are kings or queens?' Describe the pictures and talk about the clothes that the people are wearing.

  • What shows you that these people are kings or queens?

  • Why do you think they had portraits made of them?

  • How are the pictures similar and how are they different?

  • Are the kings and queens holding anything special?

  • What colours are their clothes?

  • Do you know who our queen is?

  • What would you wear if you were a king or queen?



Put a photograph of their face stuck to a blank piece of paper. Explain that they are going to draw themselves as a king or queen. Encourage them to think about their outfit and what accessories they will need to show that they are royal. Add labels, captions or simple sentences to their pictures.

PE - dance

Using the ‘Here We Go Round’ the Mulberry Bush Nursery Rhyme Large Display Poster, teach children the words to the nursery rhyme. Practise this so the children become confident when singing it.


Ask the children to perform the traditional actions to the song e.g. wash face, comb hair, brush teeth, comb hair, then put clothes on. Children should practise this so they are confident performing the actions.


Remind the children that we can perform dances in different ways. Talk about how the children have danced during the last few weeks – in an ‘angry’, ‘confident’, ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘shy’, ‘excited’, ‘silly’ and ‘tired’ way. Ask the children if they can think of any other emotions. Talk about how these actions might alter the speed and styles of the dance. How would someone know if someone was dancing in a ‘tired’ way?


Practise the nursery rhyme, dancing to each verse in the chosen emotion. Can you clearly see a difference between each type of dancing?


Repeat this activity using 5 different dance styles.