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March 7th


Mon - Fractions

Wed -  Fraction of amounts

Thurs – Adding and subtracting fractions

Fri – multiplying and dividing fractions


Homework = pg 17-28



Mon – types of word pg 8-15

Hwk – mixed practise

Wed – apostrophes pg 12-15

Thurs – Multiplication pg 12-16

Fri – Word patterns pg 7 – 10



Mon –An underground city

Wed –  An underground city

Thurs – Drive-in to 1950s America

Fri – The gentleman in Grey




Monday- Drama and freeze frame – thoughts, feelings, emotion

Tuesday - Model Diary 


Wednesday - Plan

Thursday - Draft

Friday - Edit and Improve


  Scripture teaching

  LO: To know that the scriptures speak of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

  Lesson 1 – Parable of Rich Man and Lazarus


  Explore feelings of the two men and their lifestyles. Interview Lazarus – what questions would you ask him about his quality of life?

   Interview rich man in the same way – compare and contrast answers.


   Why did Jesus teach this parable – what is he telling us about the way he wanted his followers to live?

    Reflect with the children on questions about being rich or poor. Is it wrong to be rich or poor? Relate answers to teachings of Christ.

   Justice issues to be raised.

    Task – Is it wrong to be rich? Is it wrong to be poor?


     Lesson 2 – Parable of the sheep and goats. To understand that they have a freedom of choice and they have a responsibility to              choose the good.


What does this tell us about where Christ can be found? What might this parable encourage followers of Jesus to do?

How easy is this teaching? What might make it difficult?

Reflect about choices and choices of being selfish or generous – relate to real life experiences of choices. Identify consequence of particular choice.


Task – where do you see Christ?

LA – picture

MA –  writing – where do they see Christ – at home? School? World?

HA – where do others see Christ? Is Christ missing form some places situations?