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Lesson 1: Create an information sheet for someone else to explain the features of a letter

Lesson 2: Create 10 sentences using words that end in -ant and -ent

Lesson 3: Create a poster on pronouns, explaining what they are used for and give examples

Lesson 4: Generate some points for your letter

Lesson 5: Create a word mat with definitions of the words you have learnt




LO: To Know the story of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the finding of Jesus in the Temple


Starter: Brainstorm ideas about what you think about the light and darkness.

Write a poem about light and how it makes you feel. Create “mind maps” about light and darkness, and what light and darkness helps you to do, or stops you doing.

Read the story of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. Mary and Joseph were fulfilling the Jewish Law by presenting Jesus in the Jewish Temple. This was an act of his consecration to God.

Read the Nunc dimittis. Highlight the words about Simeon.

Who is he saying the Prayer to, and what is he saying about the child Jesus? What title does Simeon give to God? What does the word “Salvation” mean? What does the word “Glory” mean? Simeon prayed that God had fulfilled his promise and had waited for this moment.

Key questions:

What do you think Simeon meant when he described Jesus as the “Light of the Nations?”

What does this mean for Christians?

We describe Jesus as the “Light of the World”. Create prayers and reflections explaining what this title of Jesus means to you.

Find out how the Church celebrates the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus?

Activity: Write a diary account as one of the characters in the Temple at the Presentation of Jesus (e.g. Simeon, Anna, Mary or Joseph).




Research the Maya legend – The Hero Twins

Sequence the legend

Identify themes within this legend and explain how these legends can change as passed through generations.


(Themes = good, bad, life, death, resurrection, birth, heroes, villains)