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From this week onward we are going to try a different approach with our literacy learning.

We will be having a go at using 'Oak Academy' lessons. They mainly consist of a video lesson which includes opportunities to read and answer questions based on a text.


Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:

Lesson 4:

Lesson 5:


Have a go at the lessons above and please let me know how you are getting on. If you are finding them difficult or are unable to access them, I can upload additional resources similar to what you have been used to in previous weeks.

RWI Phonics Lessons - see link below

Speed Sounds Set 2 - for children in Year 1 and 2

  • Set 2 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.00 am
  • Set 2 Spelling 10.15am

Speed Sounds Set 3 - for children in Year 1 and 2 that can read Set 2 Speed Sounds

  • Set 3 Speed Sounds and Word Time 10.30 am
  • Set 3 Spelling 10.45 am