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February 28th


We will be starting our Booster sessions this week. Children have been given their books and we will be working through these over the next half term. If you have any questions regarding these please email





Mon – Factors and multiples/ square and cube pg 32-35

Tues – Multiplying and dividing / written multiplication pg 36-39

Thurs – short and long division / multiplication and division practise pg 4-43

Fri – Multiplication and division problems / BODMAS pg 44-47


Wkend - Homework = pg 4 - 16




Mon – types of word pg 2-7

Tues – basic punc pg 2-11

Thurs – adding and subtracting whole numbers pg4 - 11

Fri – word patterns pg 2-7



Mon –The baking battle

Tues – The baking battle

Thurs – Dare to Dance

Fri –Lost Dog



To Persuade - Diary entry

Lesson 1 - Identify features of a diary

Lesson 2 -  WAGOLL - Diary and letter. 


Lesson 3 - 

Emotive language linked to fear 

Supportive phrases language   

Vocab focus 


Lesson 4 - Formal and informal language (letter v diary)  


Lesson 5 - Hot Seat Jim Jarvis. Questioning


Lesson 1


To know that Lent is an important season in the Church year



Discuss importance of 3 main elements – link to scripture and Jesus’ teaching

Make lenten promise


Lesson 2


LO: I know some issues concerning poverty in the world today and consider some remedies for this problem


Research the role of CAFOD and other organisations – what do they do / how to they help?