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4th October

This week we will be writing our quest as a class. 


Lesson one: Write introduction


Lesson two : Write first path


Lesson three : Write second path


Lesson four : Write final chapter


Lesson five : Edit and improve



Use Barrow Quest (below)to support your learning



develop dictionary disastrous embarrass environment equip equipped equipment especially exaggerate


Put into sentences



LO: To consider and discuss the feelings of resentment and jealousy. 


Mild – To know the story of Cain and Abel 

Spicy – to explain how negative feelings can result in negative actions  

Hot – To consider how to manage difficult feelings so that we still live our lives in accordance with God’s teaching.  

Read story of Cain and Abel  

Gen 4: 1-13 

 What was Cain and Abel’s relationship like? Why was Cain so jealous of Abel? Why did he want to do him harm? 

Talk about resentment and jealousy and the effect on human relationships. 

Talk about situations when jealousy and resentment can arise and how to deal with these – relate back to freedom of choice from lesson 3. 

Record qualities needed to live in harmony with one another. Write a forgiveness prayer for times when jealousy and resentment have led to sinful situations – link to own life. 



WALT: To know the story of Moses and the people of Israel in the Wilderness. 

To empathize with the feelings of the Israelites. 


Mild –  To recall what I already know about Moses and to learn the story of Moses in the Wilderness 

Spicy – To understand the feelings of the Israelites and Moses 

Hot – To fully empathise with Moses when during this event  

Recall previous learning about Moses – what do they know? Revisit story of the Burning bush. What did Moses ask Pharaoh to do and what was Pharaohs reply? 

Recall story of Moses leading the people from Egypt through the Red Sea. Read some of the extracts from Moses and the people travelling through the wilderness. 

Read story of the manna and the water from the Rock.  

Consider the plight that these people found them in – how would they feel at this time of difficulty. 

Children to imagine how they would feel if they had no food or water. 

Task: Children to write letter to Moses as one of the Israelites pleading with him to find them food and water. 

Consider in letter why the plea is so desperate. 


AT2 – give children opinions about Moses – why does each person feel this way about Moses – give reasons for their opinions 



Impressionist art


Complete task below 




Describe the main character in your home reader.

Summarise the story in less than 100 words.