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Reception Class Visit Money Lane Farm

11 June 2008

On 11th June 2008 Reception Class visited Money Lane Farm. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience first hand, the pleasure that caring for animals can bring.

Throughout the morning the children fed the ducks, hens, and sheep under the close supervision of a very knowledgeable farmer called Becky. Becky asked the children lots of questions about the animals and the food that they get from them. The children scratched and tickled the piglet's stomach, and stroked the thick fleeces of the sheep who were waiting to be sheared.

A Nature Walk through the woods allowed the children to count how many rabbit holes they could see, and examine a dead tree that had been eaten by woodworm.

To end the morning the children used a hosepipe to make a mud bath for Miss Piggy. She thoroughly enjoyed her bath and insisted on sharing the mud with the children when she shook herself like a dog!