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Week Beginning 23.03.20

Daily activities

Children should each have at least one home-school reading book. Please read this daily to ensure reading fluency. Discuss the book together - can you remember what happened? What did the characters do? How did they feel? Did the book teach you anything new?


Practice set 2 and set 3 sounds using the PowerPoints below. These should be practised daily.

RWI Pure Sounds


In your pack, there should be handwriting practice sheets to practice spelling the year 1 common exception words. Choose one of those pages (one side of A4) to practice today. Then choose one of the picture prompt pages to write about the picture. Make sure to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. I would love to see a few exclamation marks and if you can use the conjunction 'and' - all the better! Feel free to take a picture of your work and send it to me - I would love to see your writing!


As for yesterday, choose one of the common exception word handwriting practice sheets (in your pack) to complete. Then look at the PowerPoint below and complete the activities where you need to add the suffix -ed. I have also attached some information for parents about the past and present tense to support teaching.


Practice set 2 and set 3 sounds from the daily activities section. Practice reading green words and red words on PowerPoints below.


Read 'The Zoo Vet' with your child. Some of the words are tricky but encourage your child to read as much as they can themselves. Discuss the story - who had a broken wing? What was wrong with the giraffe? How did the vet/animals feel at the end?

Then children are to complete the comprehension activity below. The activity is differentiation for differing abilities so please choose the one you think will suit your child best.


Continue to practice sounds and words using the PowerPoints above. Re-read 'The Zoo Vet'. Encourage your child to read more of the book independently today if they did not do so yesterday - what new words have they learned? Ask your child to close the book and re-tell the story - what can they remember?

Then children are to complete 'My Favourite Zoo Animal' activity. Children are to draw a picture of their favourite zoo animal (it could be one from the book but doesn't have to be). Children are then to write sentences to explain why it is their favourite animal.


Click the link below to play a phonics game focusing on bleding - choose from phases 2-5 depending on your child's confidence. PhonicsPlay have made their resources free to use this month. Username: march 20, password: home. Make the most of it while it lasts!


Re-read 'The Zoo Vet' one last time - can children read the book independently today? Are they more fluent with some words? 

Then children are to complete the writing activity - 'What Happened Next?'

It would be lovely to see some of your super writing so please send a picture to or send me an message just to let me know how you're getting on.