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March 21st

We are continuing our booster sessions this week



Monday - Ratio

Tuesday - Scale Factor

Wednesday - Arithmetic

Thursday - Unequal Sharing

Friday - Ratio Testbase questions (See document below)




Monday - Page 24-31

Tuesday - Commas Pg27

Wednesday - Spelling

Thursday - Arithmetic Questions with Mrs D

Friday - Word beginnings pg15-16 + word endings pg17+18



Monday - The perfect photo

Tuesday - The perfect photo

Wednesday - The problem with plastic

Thursday -A night with the wolf

Maths Ratio problems



LO: To know the gospel message that Jesus brings the fullness of life to all people.



Revisit beatitudes – discuss. Jesus has concerns for many different people who are in a state of need. Why are all people important?

Write modern day beatitude.



Lesson 2 – Jesus and the Samaritan Woman


Read story? What state was Jesus in when the woman came?

What did he ask of her? Why was she so opposed to his request? Find out about Samaritans. Why did Jews have little to do with them?

Look at the names that the woman gives Jesus in the story? Find meaning of names – maybe from bible glossary.

What does Jesus offer the woman? Why was this a special gift?

Jesus changes the woman’s view of him. Who did she think he was in the end?

How do you think this meeting changed her life?


Task 1 – Gr2/3 -  Write diary entry as Samaritan woman.

Group 1 - Write next episode in the life of the Samaritan woman. What might she have told her friends and neighbours the next day?

   Task 2; Imagine her thoughts and feelings the next time she went to draw water at the well. 


     Plenary – what belief impacts upon and changes your life?

    What is your favourite religious teaching – why?