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Talk to your child about all the things they have to do in the day and the people that help them to do these (get up, get dressed, have breakfast, come to school etc).  Ask who helps them and why they think they do this. 



Draw a picture of someone who helps them and write down what your child says when you ask how this person helps them.  If they wish to draw several family members or friends that help them, they can.




Activity 1:

Show children the friendship leaves:

This week we are talking about what makes a good friend. 


Choose a leaf (you could make a tree using a small branch to hang them from) and read the question and discuss possible answers.  


Play a game together and ask how they could play this game with a friend at school.


Activity 2:

Talk to your child about everyday jobs that need doing in the home and classroom. These might include tidying the reading area or putting away toys. Ask them to think about which job they would like to do in your home to help. Jobs may include more grown up jobs like sweeping or collecting clothes for washing. Introduce a small jobs board and allocate responsibilities according to what your child would like to help with - give two or three chores for the week.


  • Why is it important to keep the home or classroom tidy?
  • What would happen if we didn't tidy away?
  • What does tidying up mean?
  • How can we help to keep the home or classroom tidy?
  • Which job would you like to do to help tidy up?
  • Why would you be good at that job?



At school, we are continuing to develop our catching skills and practise throws. You can support this using the following activities: