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22nd November

ASSESSMENT WEEK: It is assessment week in school this week. The children will completed a number of assessments linked to Maths, Reading and SPAG.




Know that a variety of vocations exist within the life of the church.

Identify ways in which people today respond to the call of Christ.


  • I know what the word vocation means
  • I know about the different religious vocations
  • I can identify how people I know respond to God’s calling
  • I can consider what my calling might be


Discuss what vocations means – priest/ nun etc – any other vocations in everyday life?

Record ideas about Nun and priest vocations and others in life. Is having a family a vocation? Etc – what do they think their vocation in life is? Do they think it might change? Link to prayer friends and welcome assembly from part of the year.


Create a poster linked to different vocations. What have they all in Common?