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Day 1

During the pandemic we have received lots of messages from the Government and health officials about how to keep safe and the guidelines we must follow. Have a think about all of the different messages we have received and what businesses have had to comply with.


Create a health campaign to outline to people how to remain safe and healthy during this time. Think about how to make it eye catching. What images will you use?


Day 2

We have also seen lots of protests over the years where people have peacefully (and some not peacefully) made a stand against something they believe to be wrong. I want you to think about us as equal human beings as we are all God's people. 


If you could create a social contract to protect everyone in the world and give everyone the same rights, what would it say? How would you like people to be protected?


Day 3

During these difficult times we have found ourselves talking to our friends and families about our worries, and that is very important. 


Using a piece of paper write down some of your worries, then talk to an adult or friend about them and discuss how we can ease them. 


Day 4

Think about the Day and Night. Which one is your favourite and why? Note the difference between them. What do you associate with each of them? 


Once you have drafted some lines, bring them altogether, using a different colour for each line. Start each of your lines with Here We Are....


Day 5

Research an interesting inventor, leader, artist, innovator or activist through history.


Draw or paint a picture of them and write a caption about your person telling us a little about them. 


Look at the story of Abram.


• Consider Abram’s feelings about being chosen by God. 

• Look at the text and discuss the promise God made to Abram. How important do you think Gods’ promise was?

• What does this story teach us about God and what he thought of Abraham?

• What titles are given to God in the text? 


Imagine that you are Abram. Write stories about being chosen by God in this special way. Create a prayer to God as Abram, thanking him for the promise he has made.



Research in Celtic forts and warriors. Design your own roman coin with the picture of a Celtic Warrior.