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Look at the events of Holy Week. Think about how the people were joyous on Palm Sunday and why Good Friday is a sad day.  Talk about how families and friends come together for celebrations as Jesus did with his friends and relate to children's own experience of special meals.
Topic 1

Children will learn how to use simple compass directions (north, south, east and west) and locational and directional language to describe the location of features and routes on a map.  Play a game outside where children have to run between identified compass points to consolidate vocabulary.  View the PowerPoint and label the compass point sheet.

Topic 2
Look at the blank treasure map. Introduce the key that is used on maps and point out the compass in the corner – revisit that North is at the top of the map.  Show the four places (mountains, lake, forest and cottage) and the key. Ask children to cut out the pictures and place on the map in the correct position – NSEW.