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Science Work

Use the PowerPoint presentation below to help with the science work, it guides you through the information you need.

Are Doctors Scientists? Children discuss whether doctors are scientists and share their ideas.

Meet a Doctor: Children watch this BBC clip and meet Dr Dave Caesar, who explains how he uses science in his role as a doctor. The clip also includes a timeline of medicine and information about Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first female doctor in Britain. While watching, encourage children to consider how doctors use science.

Use the Lesson PowerPoint presentation to tell the story of how Elizabeth Garrett Anderson became the first female doctor in Britain.

Describe the science skills that doctors must have as shown on the PowerPoint lesson presentation.

Children can then use the Doctor’s Surgery Activity Sheet to create a poster for their own imaginary doctor’s surgery, telling people how to stay healthy or create a poster in their work book.  The children can use the images to help them complete the boxes on exercise, diet and hygiene on their poster.

Topic Work

Look at the home learning ideas and choose one to complete each fortnight, you will see the ideas below or in your pack of work. Some of the suggestions will not be possible given the current situation, choose ideas that you will enjoy completing but stay safe.