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Year 5 visit the Islamic Centre

24 February 2009

Every year, our school holds a Multifaith Week where each class studies a different religion. Year 5 had to learn all about Islam and were privileged to visit the Islamic Centre on the Coventry Road in Birmingham on February 24th.

It was a perfect opportunity for us all to improve our knowledge and understanding of the Islamic faith.

There were many interesting exhibits to look at and an activity room where the children were shown how to write their name in Arabic and were allowed to dress up in Muslim clothes. The presenters were very helpful and friendly.


In this section of the Centre, the class found out about the history of Islam.



The children were shown how to write their names in Arabic.



Year 5 showed a lot of interest in the visual aids. This one shows Muslim pilgrims circling the Kabah at the mosque in Mecca.


Some of the girls enjoying a quiet moment, colouring pictures of mosques.

As part of the exhibition on family life in a Muslim home, the class were allowed to dress up in traditional clothing.

In the section on Prayer, these children were dressed up as if they were were on a pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca.