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Recap on learning from previous lesson – Jesus lead a normal life as a child and was cared for by Mary and Joseph – how did they look after him? Introduce children to the word temple – what is a temple? A place of worship, God’s house – just like a Catholic church is God’s house too.

Tell children that there was a time that Jesus got lost in the temple.  Watch the clip.

Mary and Joseph could not find him anywhere – how do you think this made them feel? Has anyone here ever been lost? (Discuss and relate to Jesus’ experience). How do you think Joseph and Mary would have felt once they found Jesus? Why do you think Jesus would have been in the temple? 


Activity: Compare how Mary and Joseph felt when Jesus was lost and when he was found using facial expressions on the picture.  (Sad faces/happy faces)


At the end of each topic, the children are asked to complete a set of challenges to summarise their learning. During this half term's topic, we have been learning about special people and about people that help us including families, friends and the wider community. Please read the 'Helping Bear' text and complete the challenge booklet below with your child.


NB: the final activity will also be this week's Literacy activity.


Name parts of the body to be exercised instead of specifying movements. (Enable the children’s movement responses to be more open ended. e.g. tongue moves side to side)

Encourage children to think from head to toe. What is that body part called? How does it move? What are the limitations…can it twist? Bend? Nod? Shake? Discuss bones/joint movement. Children to move around the space around them whilst listening to a combination of SLOW and FAST music. When music stops body part is called out by an adult. Your child will have to think of a way of moving a particular part of their body on the spot each time. Continue to play music and repeat.


Compare differences in body between resting and moving.