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LO: To write sentences that can be read by myself and others (include an adjective)

  • We have been learning about our local area so how do we travel about in our local area? Ask  your children how they get to different places.  Show pictures of different places around the world (link with Topic resources) – how could we travel to these different places? 
  • Share the story “You can’t take an elephant on a bus!’ – What different types of transport did we see? Do the children think a rollercoaster is a good form of transport? Why/why not? Children  to discuss which vehicles they have tried and share their reason for travelling and describe how it felt.
  • Re-read the story  ‘You can’t take an elephant on the bus!’ and appreciate the illustrations and amusing scenarios. Invite children to select their favourite and to use because to provide a reason for their opinion, e.g. A whale riding a bike because it is funny to see something so big on something so small.
  • Watch the story ‘Mrs Armitage on Wheels’ Stop the story before the final page and talk about alternative forms of transport for Mrs. Armitage.  Finally, read and enjoy the remainder of the story.
  • Identify each problem Mrs. Armitage solves. Discuss the improvements the children would make to their bikes/scooters, e.g. add a wireless speaker to play music, a TV, a seat for teddy.


Activity: On the sheet there are several modes of transports. Ask children to write a sentence (or sentences) about the transport they can see and try to include an adjective (describing word) e.g. I can see a yellow car.