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16th May





Hear and read the story of Thomas refusing to believe. Roleplay the account.

Freeze frame at the moment Thomas hears the news. In give advice to Thomas as to what he should do or say next.

Freeze frame at the moment Thomas meets with Jesus. What does Thomas say to Jesus? What expression is on his face?

Imagine the reaction on his face and what Jesus looked like.

Have the conversation that took place between Jesus and Thomas, use some of Jesus’ words to help.

Activity - Use speech bubbles to record/write the conversation between Jesus and Thomas.

Doubting Thomas Story

What did Thomas think when he saw Jesus? What did Thomas say to Jesus? How do you think he felt? Record ideas.





Stack sugar cubes or any other cubes you have to make towers. Using centimetres or metres, measure and record the height of each to discover who can build the highest tower. Then try to build a taller tower using a different approach, such as starting with a wider base, again measure and record the height using standard measures. Report back on your findings, including the height of their tallest tower and the best strategies for tower building and why.


Build a new tower for Rapunzel, using a variety of construction materials that you might have like lego. Explore different ways to make the tower secure, using bases of different sizes and shapes and various ways of joining the pieces together. Would Rapunzel be safe? Explain why she would be safe in your tower.