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Introduce your child to the Bible and discuss caring for it. Read the story of creation to the children.  Talk to the children about things that God has made. Show the children a video on You Tube of the natural world: 


Children will draw a picture of something God created and say something about it.  Scribe what your child have draws and why they have drawn it.



This week we are reading the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. If you have a copy of the book, please read with your child or alternatively, watch the clip below.



Skill development: Adapting instructions to physical actions and apply simple understanding of shape and space.


Play Simon says to complete different actions e.g. touch your nose, stand on one foot, jump up and down, turn around, sit down, bounce side to side, cross your arms, pat your head, hop, star jump etc.


Play musical statues to music and when it stops ask your child to make different shapes with their body e.g. big, tall, small, flat etc.


Play Captains Coming:

Prepare an area to represent the deck of a ship. Use markers to mark the bow and two long lines that represent the port (left) and starboard (right) sides of the ship. Stand at the bow of the ship and ask your child to stand in a space between you and the stern of the ship.


You are the captain and you shout out commands to the “sailors.” Some commands:


»  “Captain’s Coming!”: Sailors must stand at attention and salute. If they fail to stand still at attention, or if they laugh or giggle, they are “dismissed” and you win a point.

»  “At Ease!”: Sailors remain standing, but they can relax and stop saluting.

»  “Starboard side!”: Sailors run to the right.

»  “Port side!”: Sailors run to the left.

»  “Swab the Deck!”: Sailors pretend to mop the deck.

»  “Hit the deck!”: Sailors drop down to the ground as fast as possible.

»  “Beached whale!”: Everyone lays on the ground and acts like a beached whale

(wiggling, writhing, and making weird sounds).


You can make up more silly commands for the sailors to do.