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Explain to your child that Jesus is the Son of God. Explain that we learn about Jesus in God’s Holy Book – can they remember the name of it?  (Bible)

Explain that Jesus’ life on Earth was spent with Mary and Joseph and explain who these people are.    Show children some pictures of houses/clothes during Jesus’ time – how are these different?   Talk about Mary and Joseph looking after Jesus whilst he was a child. What sorts of things do you think they did for Jesus when he was growing up? (Link back to a previous lesson, when we discussed what parents do for us). How did Mary and Joseph show Jesus that they care?  



Children to colour the image of the 'Holy Family' and say ways that Mary and Joseph show Jesus that they care. Who was Jesus’ family? 





Task 1: 

Display aerial pictures or photographs of popular landmarks and maps of the local area. Encourage your child to explore the pictures and talk about places they recognise. Ask questions to support the children to talk about places they like to visit in their community and those they live near to or walk past on their way to school. Show how to draw a messy map of a journey from school to a local place of interest. Talk about all the places you go past on the way and point them out. Have large sheets of paper and felt tip pens and ask them to draw a map of their journey to school and add all the places they go past on the way. Encourage your child to add labels to their map to help describe the journey.


Task 2:

Show children the People who help us pictures (below). Explain that their local community is the place where they live. Talk about the people who live and work in their community who are there to help them. After looking at the pictures ask your child to recall some of the information. Encourage them to share any experiences they might have had with the emergency services.

What are the emergency services?

What number do you call in an emergency?

How do firefighters help us?

What do paramedics do to help us?

Why are the police important?

How do the police travel from place to place?

Do you know anyone who works in the emergency services?


Sort the pictures into two groups - emergency services and non-emergency services (although make it clear that they all help us in our community)


We are learning to experiment with different ways of moving


Explore a variety of different movement patterns - Forward, backwards, side to side, up tall (tip toes), down low bent over, fat and wide, thin and narrow, fast and slow and different ways of moving such as running, jumping, hoping, crawling.  Introduce a variety of balance positions such as one leg-one hand, two legs-two hands. Ask questions about what makes a good space, and exploring different ways of movement and balancing.