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LO: to describe how we can take care of our world

Share the story Clean up!’ by Nathan Bryon. Explain that the story is set in Jamaica, which is in the Caribbean. Show the children where Jamaica is on a map or globe. Explain that the seas in the Caribbean are always warm, and they are home to lots of tropical fish, sharks, turtles and whales. Ask the children to talk about how Rocket helps the wildlife in the story. Share the Caribbean Sea presentation (see below) and ask the children to read the facts about the wildlife that Rocket might see when she visits her grandparents? Ask:


Rocket visits her grandparents in the Caribbean. What animals do you think she will see when she goes surfing?

How does Rocket help the wildlife in the story?

Why do you think there is plastic on the beach and in the sea?

What could the people do to help the wildlife?


Share the Looking after our world presentation (see below) with the children and support them to read the facts. Invite them to ask questions and talk about the information they have read. Ask what sorts of things they could do to look after the planet and be environmentally friendly.


Activity: Make posters to encourage people to look after the l environment. Ask the children to draw pictures and write captions using the information from the presentation.