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Year 6 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG)

12 December 2012

On Wednesday 12th December 2012, Year 6 studied World War II at the BMAG. We were split into four working groups:

  • Experiencing how to diffuse a sentry bomb;
  • Planning meals using the rations available;
  • Listening to stories about air raids and packing appropriately;
  • Packing a suitcase for evacuation.

We then rotated around each activity once the air raid siren went off! We had to hide under the tables to show we were ready to move on.

It was a well organised and enjoyable workshop.

After lunch we went and explored the museum. We saw lots of wonderful art work and the best bit was learning about Birmingham’s past. There was a wonderful exhibition on the third floor – it was quite a walk up the stairs but it was worth it!

Thank you to Mrs Carroll and Miss Johnson for taking us.