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After the story of Jesus healing the blind man, discuss other ways that Jesus helps others.  Think about how we can be like Jesus and help others during Lent.

Topic 1

Look at the cave painting picture cards and the Prehistoric mammal cards. Describe the animals and their features, comparing them with animals that live today. Use black paper, chalks and/or pastels to draw pictures of the prehistoric animals. Encourage them to talk about the features as they are drawing. Create a cave painting artwork.

Topic 2

Ask the children the question 'Do dinosaurs still exist?' Allow them to discuss their answers, then watch  the Do dinosaurs still exist? Presentation. Discuss the information in the presentation and encourage the children to describe the animals they have seen. Provide time for the children to ask questions to find out more.

Topic 3

Look at the prehistoric relatives picture cards. Start by matching the modern-day animals with their prehistoric relatives. Encourage the children to describe the similarities between the animals and their relatives. They might even remember some interesting facts to share. Then provide the children with the Prehistoric relatives sheet, drawing resources, sound mats and word banks. Invite them to choose an animal to draw.  Support children to add labels and simple sentences to describe their chosen animal.