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Lesson 1:

We are starting our writing on adverts this week. What does it mean to persuade someone? Look at the 'Come to my Candy House' poster and talk to your grown up about what makes it persuasive.

What must a really effective advert have? Look at the posters and leaflet examples and discuss. Can you spot the persuasive language?


Lesson 2: 

Have a look at the posters about saving our planet. We are going to be making an advert to persuade people not to litter. Gather some ideas form the posters and draw a picture of some different ways we can save the planet. Can you write a persuasive sentence to go with your picture? 


Lesson 3:

Read the sentences in the different colours on the activity sheet. Can you write them down and join them together using 'and' to make your sentences longer? Example: Stop littering and save the planet. Remember your capital letters and full stops.