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Art and Design Fortnight

16 to 27 June 2008

This term during Art Week we had some visiting artists, Sarah and Dan, who helped us design and make some three dimensional totem poles. Each class made three totem poles. We each had the opportunity to do different parts of the making process. Some used the mudrock to make the structure of the totem , wrapping it around wire mesh and others either painted or decorated the totems.


It was great fun working with Sarah and Dan and we would like to thank them for all of their hard work and patience!


We enjoyed the week so much it went into two weeks!


Below you will find lots of photographs of our work which was displayed during our open evening and we even showed the new parents!


Here are two boys from Year 2 looking at a totem made by Year 6 - have you worked out what it is yet?



Reception class made farm animal masks modelled here by Year 4.



Year 2 had to find pictures around the school and recreate them in collage.


Y3 designed and made a maze game for a ball. They had to measure and saw their own pieces of wood - no one lost any fingers thank goodness!

Year 1 created under the sea artwork inspired by the film Finding Nemo and they also did some weaving.

Another example of a totem - they were certainly very brightly coloured!