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LO: to know that Easter is a special celebration and time of Joy

Recall the events that took place in the Easter story. Watch clip below.  Discuss with the children some of their own thoughts and feelings about the story. How would they have felt if they had been one of the women or a disciple? Why would they have been glad to have seen Jesus again?  Explain to the children that when Jesus came back to life it was God his Father who did this, the God that was powerful enough to create the world.


Activity:  Describe how Jesus’ friends would have felt when they found out that Jesus was alive.


Learn and Sing a simple Alleluia.

Topic 1

LO:  Begin to notice and talk about the different places around the world, including oceans and seas. 

Display a globe or a world map and  talk about countries you may have visited or with which they are familiar. Watch the Big wide world video and talk about the places mentioned in the video and challenge them to find them on the globe or world map. Encourage children to ask questions about the video. Ask the following questions and research them on the internet to aid discussion.


What is the hottest place in the world?

What is the coldest place in the world?

What is the wettest country in the world?

What is the highest place in the world?

What is the biggest country in the world?


Can we find these places on a globe or map?

Topic 2

LO: to know that the weather and environment are different around the world.


Display a World Climate Map and invite the children to talk about the different land colours they can see. Ask them what they think the colours might represent. Explain that some parts of the world are hot, and others are cold, dry or wet. Show how the countries on either side of the equator have a hot and wet (humid) climate as shown by the green colour, while the polar regions have a cold and dry climate as shown by the white colour. Ask them where they think the hot and dry areas are located on the map. Ask the children to locate the United Kingdom on the map and invite them to talk about seasonal changes they have experienced