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week: 04/05/20


Today’s focus will be number formation. Again, anyway that you can get your child to form numbers whether it be with paint, chalk, sand etc. is worthwhile. See which numbers your child is struggling with and model how to correctly form the number. Have them copy yours so they can practice forming it the correct way. Use the video below to help with numbers in general and the ones they are struggling with. 


If your child is doing well with their formation pick a number (if they are comfortable ideally a teen number) and see if they can draw for example 13 pieces of fruit, or animals etc. You could then go around the house and see if they can count 13 things that start with s, or are red, or are in the kitchen etc.

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Start off by watching the video below. This is an introduction into number bonds to 10. Following this there is a work sheet below. To help with the sheet make sure that you have something physically to hand that you can use to count with. This will make things much easier for your child, but don't forget they can always use their fingers too. Constantly revising their bonds to 10 will be key to helping them remember them. Remember little and often is the key so throughout the week occasionally drop in a question of what do I add to ____ to get to 10. 

Number bonds 10 - KS1

Number bonds video series teaching children how to count using all the associated number bonds of 10. for more maths videos

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Follow the link below to see activities for the week and accompanying videos. This weeks focus is the hungry caterpillar!