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It's Here! Let's Celebrate!

Mardi Gras Events


It's here! Welcome to the celebration of Mardi Gras!


A list of events for you watch, join and participate in are listed below. Don't forget to send us your photographs, movies and creations at or send them to your class teacher.


Celebrate with us!

1. Welcome & Greeting

Mr Hands, our Chair of Governors, would like to wish you all a Happy Mardi Gras!

Still image for this video

Mrs Tallon, from the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership, would like to wish you all a Happy Mardi Gras too. Think about her final question, let us know your answer!

Still image for this video

What is Mardi Gras | Mardi Gras For Kids


2. Warm Up

It is always great to start the day with a warm up. We will be training our bodies during Lent. Let's start now with some dancing!


Reception & KS1 Warm Up - Can you listen and join in?

Mardi Gras Music | Mardi Gras for Kids | Lyric Video | The Kiboomers

KS2 Warm Up - Can you keep up and master some of the moves? You may need to practise!

NDI Celebration Team: "Go to the Mardi Gras"

3. Timetable

OLCP pupils remember to join your live lessons throughout the day... do your very best always. We will be training our minds during Lent too.


  • Reception Live Lessons
  • Y1 Live Lessons
  • Y2 Live Lessons
  • Y3 Live Lessons
  • Y4 Live Lessons
  • Y5 Live Lessons
  • Y6 Live Lessons



4. Mardi Gras Activities

Why not try some fun activities in between your live lessons today?


Reception & KS1 Activities

  • Learn French. Mardi Gras means 'Fat Tuesday.' Can you learn the days of the week in French?

  • Find out more about Mardi Gras and get creative using the links below:

La chanson des jours de la semaine | Comptine pour apprendre les jours de la semaine | KidsMusicTime


KS2 Activities

  • Can you write some awesome instructions to help others make pancakes?
  • Watch the video for some tips!


Safety tip - Make sure and adult helps you if you are cooking pancakes.

How to make pancake batter - Cooking with Kids



5. Prepare to Party!

Watch a snippet of the Brazilian Carnival and some dancers, while you get ready for your virtual class party.

Brazil Carnival & Dancers in Costume - High Definition Views from Above

Our Lady's staff


All are getting ready to party. Who do you think created these? What do you think they will be doing to get into training during Lent?


6. Join Your Class Party!

Use the timetable links above. Your party is during Live Lesson 3 for the day!

Join using Microsoft Teams.



7. Reflect on Your Day

  • Spend some time in silent prayer with Jesus
  • Thank him for a lovely day of celebration
  • Ask him to help you train your heart as well as your mind and body during Lent


There are two videos. The first explains Adoration for children. The second is Live Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


There are also some examples of simple prayer from the heart we can use during Adoration. Why not create a prayer of your own?

What is Adoration?

Perpetual (24/7) Eucharistic Adoration


Pray from the Heart