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11th October



Independent Write

This week we will be writing our quest independently.

Lesson 1 - Plan

Lesson 2 - First and second Chapter

Lesson 3 - Third chapter

Lesson 4 - Final chapter

Lesson 5 - edit and improve



excellent existence explanation familiar foreign forty frequently government guarantee harass


Please put in to sentences






LO To know the story of Esther.

To know how she trusted in God and why this story is so important. (The Book of Esther)



I know the story of Esther

I can explain how her faith helped her

I can consider how I can apply this to my own life


Read the story of Queen Ester and King Xerxes.

Who was Esther? Who was Mordecai? Who was Haman?

What reasons had Haman for wanting to kill Mordecai?

What dilemma did Queen Esther face in the story?

How does her faith and trust in God help her in this difficult situation? Why do you think this is an important story?

Imagine you are Queen Esther or Mordecai. Write your version of this story and explain how the difficult situation you faced was resolved.



The Science of Colour


Experiment with colour, complete a colour wheel. See information sheet below

Guided Reading

Write a book review of your home reader