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Science Lesson

Use the PowerPoint presentation below to help with the science work, it guides you through the information you need.

Wet Weather Wear: Children discuss the types of clothes we wear in wet and rainy weather, and the properties these clothes have. Use the images on the Lesson PowerPoint Presentation to guide their discussion.

Charles Macintosh: Use the Lesson PowerPoint Presentation to describe Charles Macintosh and explain that he invented waterproof fabric.

Waterproof Coat Test: Introduce the task, to find the best material for a new waterproof coat. Children to test different fabrics and sheets as described on the Lesson PowerPoint Presentation. Please adapt to what you have access to at home.

Design the Waterproof Coat: Children record their results on the Waterproof Coat Activity Sheet and select the most suitable fabric or sheet for the new waterproof coat.  Make sure the children use their results to select the most suitable material and explain their choice of material using the Properties Word Bank. Some children might like to explain why they didn’t choose some materials even though they are waterproof.

Materials: Children discuss the materials that the materials and sheets that they tested are made from.

Unsuitable Materials: Children discuss why some waterproof materials are not suitable for a raincoat.