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Explain to the children that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus loved God his Father and the Father loved him. Explain to the children that Jesus had lots of special friends called disciples who understood who Jesus was and followed him listening to his stories. Show the PowerPoint 'Special Friends' which introduces then to the disciples and the names of some of these special people.  

Topic 1

Talk to the children about what they eat for breakfast and why it is important to eat a healthy breakfast at the start of the day. Explain that porridge is a healthy breakfast food as it is filling and is a low sugar option.


Make some porridge and provide an assortment of toppings for the children to add to their porridge, including raisins, sliced banana, blueberries and a bottle of squeezy honey to add sweetness.


What other healthy breakfasts could we have? Sort the Healthy and Unhealthy sorting cards discussing why your child has picked them for each category. 

Topic 2


Look at the Clothes from the past picture cards and discuss what the people in the pictures are wearing. Explain that the clothing is from a long time ago when the stories Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood were written. Invite the children to describe the clothing and compare how they are different from the clothes they wear today.

  • Do you like the clothes in the pictures?
  • Which outfit do you like the best?
  • Would you like to wear clothes like that?
  • Do you think the clothes would be comfortable?
  • Do you think you would be able to do all of the activities you do, such as climbing and running, in those clothes?

Topic 3

Make a mask of your favourite fairy tale character. Encourage children to consider any special features the mask might need, including ears, hair, a crown or a hat. Discuss what materials will be best to use and why. Support the children to make eye holes in the plate and attach string or elastic so that they can wear the mask.

PE - dance


Using The Wheels on the Bus Nursery Rhyme Poster, teach children the words. Practise this so the children become confident when singing it.


Ask the children to perform the traditional actions to the song e.g. making arms be the wheels and the wipers. Children should practise this so they are confident performing the actions.


Remind the children that we can perform dances in different ways. Talk about how the children danced last week – in a ‘happy’ and a ‘sad’ way. Tell the children that this week, they will continue to practise dancing like this, but they are going to look at some more emotions: shy and excited.


Ask them to walk around the room in a ‘shy’ way, ‘excited’ way, ‘happy’ way, then ‘sad’ way. Talk about how they walked differently – did they change the speed of their walking when changing the emotion e.g. was happy fast and shy slow?


Next, ask the children to perform the rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ in a ‘shy’ and then ‘excited’ way – did the speed of the dance change?


Talk about the different dance styles and discuss how they think the dancers would perform.   


The children should now practise performing the same rhyme but in a rock ‘n’ roll style. Ask the children if they can think about how to do this – prompt the children to include twist and turns, and move in a quick and happy way.


The children may have their own idea about the rock ‘n’ roll style – it is fine to use these ideas. 



This week, the children will be looking at the rock ‘n’ roll dance style. Use the rock ‘n’ roll photo and discuss this with the children. Ask the children to think about when they might have seen rock ‘n’ roll style dances e.g. on television.  Explain to the children that this style is very different to ballet; it is much quicker and livelier, and there are often lots of twists, turn and spins. Ask children to think about how they could include this in the actions for their nursery rhyme e.g. they could kick out their legs as they do the wheels on the bus actions, then add a spin before going onto the next verse