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March 14th


Children have been given logins. Homework will be set weekly to complete.



Mon – decimal fractions

Tues – improper and mixed number fractions

Thurs - percentages

Fri – mixed FDP problems


Weekend homework – progress test 2



Mon – clauses, phrases and sentences pg 20-23

Tues – Inverted commas pg 16-19 + mixed practise

Thurs – Division pg 17-21

Fri – word beginnings pg 12 – 15

Spelling pg 16 - hwk


Homework – arithmetic progress test 1



Mon – The old photograph

Tues – The old photograph

Thurs – The great wall of china

Fri – Kite flight






Lesson 1 - Plan

Lesson 2 - Draft

Lesson  3- Draft

Lesson 4 - Edit and Improve

Lesson 5 - Final Piece



Lesson 2 – Parable of the sheep and goats. To understand that they have a freedom of choice and they have a responsibility to     choose the good.


What does this tell us about where Christ can be found? What might this parable encourage followers of Jesus to do?

How easy is this teaching? What might make it difficult?

Reflect about choices and choices of being selfish or generous – relate to real life experiences of choices. Identify consequence of particular choice.


Task – where do you see Christ?

LA – picture

MA –  writing – where do they see Christ – at home? School? World?

HA – where do others see Christ? Is Christ missing form some places situations?



Use books and web to find out about the unique ecosystem on the Galapagos islands

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Weather

Record findings in own way in topic book (drawings sketches, facts / figures, statements etc)


Ask questions based on their own research that would enhance their work.



Visit English heritage website and read extracts from Charles Darwin’s diaries he kept on HMS Beagle – look for and read information about the mystery of the missing and very important Galapagus field book.

  • Separate fact from opinion (table)

Talk about why this notebook is so important and what might have happened to it – providing justification and evidence for their views.


Explain why diaries and journals are important in learning about science and history. Link to other well-known diaries that have given an insight into important events in the world. Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys