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Enabling Enterprise Week

22 to 26 June 2015

An introduction to the world of work at Our Lady's.

During the week we embarked on a week of challenge and skill development. In partnership with Enabling Enterprise each class has completed a project that is designed to develop children's skills for the future eg leading, aiming high and solving problems. The climax of the week was on Friday afternoon when parents were invited into school to see the children's work and hear about their learning.

Reception and Year 1 opened their own art gallery showing their work and were the curators for their gallery as well.

Year 2 opened their own cafe and worked to budget and promote their enterprise.

Year 3 made toys from 'trash' and focused on being environmentally friendly. Our enabling enterprise contact Alison commented 'They are the best toys I have seen'.

Year 4 redesigned the school library into a Harry Potter experience and launched a book swap in school.

Year 5 created podcasts for their own radio station that were broadcast to parents during the open afternoon.

Year 6 created their own businesses and learnt about the value of provide a service as well as market research and customer relations. Their business included a salon, gym and cinema.

The children have all throughly enjoyed this week and have learnt valuable skills that will last them a lifetime and inspire them to work hard, aim high and be the very best they can be.