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Today's lesson is all about using number bonds to 10 to help with other addition calculations. It focuses on the use of tens frames for the children to visualise their additions. I have uploaded some blank tens frames that could be used if you have access to a printer - or you can simply draw them out on a piece of paper. Have a go at using counters, cubes, or any small objects to represent the addition calculations. (Summer Term - week 4 - lesson 1)

The video below may help to explain how to use tens frames for this method.


Make 10 Strategy for Addition

The Make 10 strategy is one way students can solve addition problems. Remember, it is not the only way to solve!


Today's lesson is all about subtraction! It has been a while since we practiced subtraction so I would definitely start with some practical activities - e.g. show your child 14 items and ask them to subtract (take away) 6: how many are left? The video on the link below is very helpful in explaining how to use the tens frame and the number bond for simple subtraction calculations and missing number problems. (Summer term - week 4 - lesson 2)


Today's lesson is all about word problems that involve addition and subtraction. They can be a bit tricky, so read them slowly together and try to make it as practical as possible. Talk to your child and ask them what would help them solve the problem. They may want to use physical objects, tens frames or a number line. I have uploaded tens frames (see Monday's work) and a number line (see below) for support. (Summer Term - week 4 - lesson 3)


Today's lesson is all about comparing number sentences. Children can use any method they are comfortable with to find the answers. This lesson also recaps the greater than/less than symbols (< and >). Have a look at the youtube clip below if you need to refresh your memory on which way round the symbols go. (Summer Term - week 4 - lesson 4)


The Greater Than Less Than Song | Inequalities Song for Kids | Silly School Songs