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'Follow your dreams using the guiding light of Jesus'

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Our school motto is 'Follow your dreams using the guiding light of Jesus.' This is evident as soon as you step through the doors and see that Christ is at the centre of our school.


We all work hard to make sure that everyone is treated with care and respect. Everyone is made to feel special and helped to realise their God-given talents. Every member of our school community is welcomed and valued, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.


Our curriculum and ethos instil the Gospel values in our children, teaching them to be kind, caring, forgiving and respectful young people. Links are made between the teachings of Jesus and how we behave and treat others in our own lives.


We have daily acts of collective worship, assemblies, hymn practices and prayer services. Our children also pray regularly throughout the day in their classrooms.


Parents are invited to join us each week for assembly and Mass.


We celebrate Mass on Friday mornings in our school along with members of our parish. We also attend Mass in the Church on particular Holy Days of Obligation.


Catholic Schools’ Pupil Profile: Developing Virtues


Year - 2022-23Virtues
Autumn 1 Half TermCompassionate and Loving
Autumn 2 Half TermFaith-filled and Hopeful
Spring 1 Half TermEloquent and Truthful
Spring 2 Half TermLearned and Wise
Summer 1 Half TermCurious and Active
Summer 2 Half TermIntentional and Prophetic
Autumn 1 Half TermGrateful and Generous
Autumn 2 Half TermAttentive and Discerning