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9th May





LO : Describe and name the symbols of Easter used in the Church (Paschal candle, white cloth, water) and design an Easter Candle.

Revisit the Paschal Candle and discuss its meaning.

Look at the 5 nails, why do you think 5 nails have been put in the candle? What do the nails contain? What do the nails tell us about Jesus? Can you think of another story when frankincense was brought to Jesus?

Watch a video presentation of the lighting of the Paschal Candle at the Easter Vigil. Describe what happens to the Paschal candle.

Activity - Children to design an Easter candle and explain their design.

The Lighting of the Pascal Candle



Play defend and attack games. Be a soldier attacking a castle, dodging arrows (small balls or bean bags). Fire their arrows through an arrow loop into a hoop or box. Play dodge games with an opposing partner and balance across a drawbridge.


Look at pictures and photographs of great towers from around the world. Match the tower to its location using world maps and globes. Using a simple key, show the locations of the towers on a world map.