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7th March




LO: To know that it is difficult sometimes to forgive.

Is it always easy to forgive?

When do you find it hard to forgive others?

What do you have to do to show that you are ready to forgive?

What is like to be forgiven for something you have done that is wrong?

Imagine you are Jesus.  Write a letter to Peter explaining why it is so important to forgive. 

Dear Peter,

I know it can be very difficult to forgive others but God wants us to!

LO To know that Jesus taught his disciples to forgive other people who hurt them.

What is the Master like?

What is the unforgiving servant like?

How are they feeling?

What is Jesus teaching about forgiveness?

Create a ‘Wanted’ Poster for the unforgiving servant - include details of the crime, who wants him, where he was last seen etc.


LO: To describe the importance for humans of hygiene.

Today we will learn about good hygiene habits, finding out about how and why we should keep ourselves clean.


Use the PowerPoint to help you learn more about castles, then complete the castle sorting worksheet.